Director Identification Number

Director Identification Number

In Private Limited Company, Director Identification Number (DIN) Contain unique 8-digit identification code assigned to directors in Indian companies. It serves as a lifelong, distinctive marker for directors, allowing them to manage multiple directorships across different companies. The DIN system, introduced for robust corporate governance, maintains a comprehensive database with director details, including personal information and corporate involvements. Directors are required to obtain and use their DIN for various legal and administrative filings, ensuring transparency and accountability. Surrendering or canceling a DIN is possible under specific circumstances, either through government action or voluntary surrender by the director. Despite changes in directorial roles, a DIN persists throughout a person’s professional life, emphasizing its enduring nature in the corporate regulatory framework.

Documents Required for Director Identification Number (DIN)

For Private Limited Company, Getting a Director Identification Number (DIN) is not a easy task for apply a DIN, Following documents are required. They are as given below:

1. Aadhar Card Copy

Include a self-attested copy of your Aadhar card, a vital identification document, with your  Director Identification Number (DIN) application to establish your identity in the incorporation process.

2. PAN Card Copy

Furnish a self-attested copy of your PAN card to ensure tax compliance and to verify your unique identity number in the application for Director Identification Number (DIN).

3. Passport Size Photo

Attach one passport-size photo as part of the application process, serving as a visual reference and identification for your Director Identification Number (DIN) application before company incorporation.

4. Passport Copy (for Foreign Nationals)

If you’re a foreign national, provide a self-attested copy of your passport, a key document for identification and validation, alongside your  Director Identification Number (DIN) application for company incorporation.

5. Address Proof Copy

Include a self-attested copy of a valid address proof document to establish your residential address, a necessary component for processing your DIN application during company incorporation.

Usage of Director Identification Number (DIN)

When a Private limited company has to hand in stuff like paperwork or applications under the law, the director signing that paper has to add their special Director Identification Number (DIN) below their signature. It’s like their personal stamp of private limited company Director & it’s saying, “Yes, this is me”. This rule keeps things clear and honest in business. The DIN is like a secret code that helps everyone know which director is behind the paperwork. So, when you see a signature with a DIN underneath, it’s the director saying, “I’m vouching for this”. It’s just a friendly way to make sure everything’s in order.

Forms for Director Identification Number (DIN) Application

1. Spice Form for Private Limited Company

For Applying new private limited companies, aspiring first directors must use the SPICe form exclusively to apply for Director Identification Numbers (DINs). This form streamlines the process of allotting DINs to kickstart the company’s governance.

2. DIR-3 Form for Existing Private Limited Company

If you fancy a director’s role in an existing Private Limited company, file an application in eForm DIR-3. This is the ticket to snagging your Director Identification Number (DIN).

3. DIR-6 Form for Director Details Update in Private Limited Company

Keep things current in Private Limited Company. Any alterations to director details must be reported using the DIR-6 form. It’s the go-to for updating particulars in the ever-evolving journey of company leadership.

Steps for Director Identification Number for Private Limited Company

Following are the documents to be attached step by step given below to get Director Identification Number (DIN). They are as follow:

Step 1: Spice Form

Private limited company director applies for a Director identification number. They must Attach proof of identity (like – PAN, Aadhaar, etc.) and address proof( like – electric bill, rent agreement, etc.). The director identification number would be provided to an applicant only after approval of the form.

Step 2: DIR-3 Form

a. Required Attachments

Include a photograph, identity proof, residence proof, and a verification document containing personal details and the applicant’s signature. For foreign nationals, a passport is necessary as identity proof.

b. Attestation by Professionals

Have a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, or Cost Accountant in full-time practice attest your photograph, identity proof, and residence proof. Foreign nationals can get attestation from the Consulate of the Indian Embassy or a Foreign Public Notary.

c. Fee Payment and Submission

After uploading DIR-3 and supporting documents, pay the fee through net banking, credit card, or NEFT. Manual (offline) payments are not accepted.

d. DIN Generation and Approval Process

Once the fee is paid and the application submitted, the system generates an application number. The Central Government processes the application, deciding approval or rejection.

Approved applications receive DIN within a month, communicated to the applicant. Rejected applications get an email stating the reason, with a 15-day window for rectification. Failure results in the application being labeled INVALID.

e. Intimation of DIN

Directors must inform all companies of their DIN within a month of receiving it. Companies, in turn, notify the Registrar of Companies (RoC) within 15 days of the director’s intimation.

Failure to inform the company or the company to inform RoC incurs penalties.

Step 3: DIR-6 Form

To modify any Director details initially submitted in DIR-3 or SPICe, complete Form DIR-6 online. Accompany the form with the necessary attested supporting documents for the requested changes. This streamlined process ensures accurate and updated information, enhancing transparency in corporate governance.

Different Forms for Director ID (DIN) Aside from Spice

Form Number Purpose
DIR-3 Apply for your Director Identification Number (DIN) with this form. It’s the first step to getting your unique director identity.
DIR-3C Once you have your DIN, this form is used by private limited companies to inform the Registrar about the newly allotted DINs for their directors.
DIR-5 File this form to surrender your DIN. 
DIR-6 Use this form to apply for changes to the details you initially submitted in DIR-3. 

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